Industry Advisory Reports

LASSIB Society hosts a series of high profile; power packed, peer-to-peer, invitation-only Round Table Conferences for C-Level executives with a focus on ‘Nurturing Next Generation Governance Globally’.
These conferences are a rare opportunity for CXOs to network with fellow CXO’s, share their experiences, learn from other’s successes and best practices. These conferences consist of a predefined set of themes which are most relevant to the industry, in that specific location. The CXO panel for each theme is engaged in a brainstorming session to understand the current state of the industry, the challenges, best practices and industry outlook for the future. All inputs from these sessions are captured in the Industry Advisory Reports (IARs) like this one.
These IARs are a valuable resource for the industry at large, and serve to provide key insights that can be used by industry leaders to shape the strategy for their organizations.

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