KANO Analysis




Kano analysis is the tools used for classification and prioritization of customer requirements/Needs. Categorized into three categories based upon the impact of the need on customer satisfaction

Implied Needs(Must Have) – Have to be meet)

    • Taken for Granted by Customer
    • Lack of Delivery causes high Dissatisfaction
    • Delivery does not cause Satisfaction
    • Noticed only by its absence – Leads to dissatisfaction

Stated Needs(One Dimensional) – more the better (The more you meet the better is customer satisfaction)

    • Demanded by Customer
    • Delivery causes Satisfaction
    • Lack of delivery causes Dissatisfaction

Unstated Needs (Delighters) – Focusing on unstated needs they lead to a competitive advantage

    • Not usually thought of by Customer
    • Delivery causes high Satisfaction
    • Lack of delivery does not cause dissatisfaction
    • Noticed only by its presence / delivery
    • A Satisfier


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