Order a Hard Copy of Lean Implementation in Electrical & Electronics Industry


Manufacturers in the electrical and electronics industry have always faced heightened challenges such as rising customers’ expectation, fluctuating demand, and competition in the markets. These manufacturers therefore need to constantly embrace change and improve their key activities or processes to cope with the challenges. One way to stay competitive in this globalized market is to become more efficient.


The purpose behind creating this research report is to showcase the Return on Investments (ROI) and benefits of using Lean techniques in Electronics and Electrical Industries. The challenges currently being faced in this industry can be largely broken into two categories

  • Strategic Challenges
  • Operational Challenges

Organizations need to focus initiatives at both these levels in order to sustain and grow. This report looks at tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma, and how these can help organizations address these requirements. The report includes overview of Lean with case studies on how these techniques have helped Electrical and Electronics companies manage and grow their business. The report draws in experience of Electrical & Electronics experts, primary as well as secondary research sources. Please refer to the list of references at the end of the report for a complete list of sources used to build this report.


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